About SS Technologies
SS Technologies is the IT & Non-IT solutions providers in India.
We are fully committed to integrating customer driven quality standards with superior innovation.
SS Technologies is entirely different in its training area as we believe only real time experienced professionals with good presentation skills can be a good trainer.
Our company Having a Cilents which software company and our employees who are passionate towards training and have matched the parameters which are mandatory to become a trainer are the trainers of SS Technologies.
We also hire professionals from major software giants as part timers for certain skills

SS Technologies Team

SS is a Company that specializes in Web based development activities, Client Server solutions and corporate website development,maintainance services &  and Automation Services.
Our team is a total mix of experienced software developers, engineers with expertise in Techincal Training and also different domains of technology.
Every one of them contributes to the company with their in-depth knowledge, skill and experience in their individual fields.